Monday, July 20, 2015

yesterday (Sunday), we had our gear up Olympics. It was actually really fun and I gotta to compete as a hola Hooper but unfortunately lost. Our group the yellow team stared at the bottom with 6 points in the first round last saterday, we came out second in the finals and I am very surprised.
Saturday was just another day. I liked how relaxed it was because i really needed that. Saturday was also the day that we had our dance party. i didn't really dance until the end.

On Friday we went to the gallery hop. I didn't get to take a lot of pics of the pictures I liked because they told us that we weren't aloud, but one of my favorite places we went to was the attic one I think. I loved all the kinda of art work she did. it was so vibrant in colors and details.

This is a pick of a flower out side of one of the galleries.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

yesterday in my photoagraphy class we went around the library and took pictures. i had alot of fun taking them at different angels. the thing about taking these pics was we could not use any effect.
On Saturday we did our community service projects, and for my community service we went to the steam academy and painted the walls. I had the idea to splatter paint and then put my hand prints on it and every one else joined in.
On one of the first few days we were her we took a tour of the UKs recreational center and we got to go rock climbing. I only got like half way and asked to be let down.
Last week on friday we went to the legends baseball game. Even though it got rained out it was still fun and we stayed to watch fire works.
when I was in the class fallow our food we took field trips to two different places. Our first field trip was to the dairy farm. it smelled so bad but we got free samples. Our second field trip was to gods pantry. We package cereal.

last week my elective was fallow our food and i really liked that class. one of the games we played was called yeeha and it was so funny because at the end Kyle and Judith went head to head and had to act like bacon in the pan and Kyle got on the floor and just stared shaking and it was so funny.

Hi. My name is Makayla Webb and i came here from bellevue Ky. Today we set up our accounts for blogger and link blue. We also made our banners for our color teams.
Today in communication class we had our demonstration speech. I did my speech on my saber because I thought it would be easy and something fun to do, and since I know it so well I didn't think I would be as nervous. I also got to hear taylor sing for the first time today and she is amazing! From what i hear she is doing the talent show.

                                                                    Taylor Johnson